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scrub jay [Jul. 28th, 2007|12:01 am]
That almost-ready-to-leave-the-nest that the wildlife lady told me to put back on the ground and let its parents show him the final way to fly and find food? well, kids, he didn't make it. A neighbor's cat killed it after i trusted the wildlife lady and i know she's right, but damn it, i needed that bird to live. I have been getting ready to paint our bedroom, so i put the carcass in the freezer in a plastic bag and continued on sorting, packing, throwing out stuff, giving stuff away. Today I thawed him and cut odd his wings and then buried his sweet little body. In two years or so I'll dig him up and mount the bones. The wings I use in my collaged hand-made books that teach people aBOUT BIRDS AND THE IMPORTANCE OF THEIR CO-EXISTENCE IN OUR LIves (oops) on the planet. I think I shall go to bed til about four and then continue packing. last night i got up at 4 and scrubbed the kitchen floor and appliances. i am looking forward to gettign this caboose in order. I can't wait to see the fresh paint, sew curtains for the new laundry room. (i am putting my writing desk in my studio and the ironing board in thelaundry room. now that makes sense, yes?)

i need juice. i have taken on a tad too much, but if i don't do it before Winter comes, i'll be shit out of luck.

There is one more young scrub jay left, lets say some prayers for the lil feller, what?

[User Picture]From: karow
2007-07-31 08:19 am (UTC)
I picked up a blue jay out of my front yard once, smaller than my palm, broken legged, being stalked by a cat just before dark.

I had read a book about "Wild Orphan Babies" a month or so earlier, and mixed egg, milk and canned dog food to feed him and tried to save his leg. I got it set, but there was nerve damage and his claw didn't grasp.

He was a pet for 6 or so years before he "took a turn" one afternoon, and died that evening. He imitated every noise in or out of the house, and took great joy in my older son's clarinet practice. As the jay was gasping and we knew something was badly wrong, that was my son's reaction, he went and got his clarinet...

Hopefully that last one makes it!

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[User Picture]From: robin_rule
2007-08-01 04:43 am (UTC)

blue jays

dear alan, what a wonderful story to keep a jay so long. i've heard that is about how long they live. 6 years. you gave him a good life and yes, they imitate everything. i've heard of a mockingbird in ukiah who imitates an ambulance siren! the clarinet gave him much joy i am sure. the gasping was his little indombitable spirit saying Good-bye. that's a good family story you told.
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